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AVEVE Biochem NV

…is a technology oriented company expert in enzymes and microbial regulators for the animal nutrition industry. Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and sell worldwide high quality biochemical specialties keeping strong focus on the needs of our customers in animal nutrition. Our customers are feed manufacturers, premix companies and larger self-mixing stock farms all over the world. Business development is done directly and through a network of highly qualified distributors.

Our products – Designed to your formulation needs

AVEVE Biochem has a unique product portfolio with only self developed products of high quality, divided in two different product groups:

  • AveMix® Enzymes
  • AveMix® Microbial Regulators

All are high end concepts with multi-purpose application, which have been proven on a large scale. Always developed with focus on the needs of our customers and partners.

With the knowledge we gathered over the years, combining an enlarged experience in animal feed production with an internal developed know-how in additives, AVEVE Biochem also offers their customers tailor made advice and recommendations, known as AveMix® Services.


Did you know?

AVEVE Biochem has its own enzyme and fatty acid lab. Our lab technicians check every day the quality of raw materials and AveMix® products, so we can guarantee a top quality product each time.


AVEVE Biochem – Pioneers with a mission

Our expertise in feed enzymes dates back from the mid-eighties, with AVEVE’s proper biochemical research laboratory. AVEVE was the first feed company that investigated the possibilities to use different types of enzymes in animal nutrition.

Furthermore, starting in the mid nineties, AVEVE built knowledge on microbial regulators. This was accelerated by the ban of antibiotic growth promoters and the reduction of therapeutic antibiotic use in the EU.

Initially, research was done for internal use, but after almost 25 years we decided it was time to share our findings in the field of animal nutrition specialities with the world. And so, AVEVE Biochem became a specialized international team, part of Arvesta.

The Arvesta is the market leader in agriculture and horticulture in Belgium and has over 100 years of experience in animal nutrition.


Arvesta – Rock solid

Being part of a group guarantees a  safe and sustainable cooperation with clients, suppliers and employees. The different operating companies are systematically working together with a focus on exchange of knowledge, experience and information. Together we aim for the same core values and build on the future of the Arvesta, being the full-service provider for (the Belgian) farmer and horticulturist. This combination of experts in different aspects of agriculture results for AVEVE Biochem in the development and validation of high quality products, keeping the end customers need in mind.