Belgian animal feed manufacturer Aveve Biochem promoted AveMix Plus.

“AveMix Plus combines medium-chain glycerides and phytogenic compounds. This synergy regulates microflora and enhances beneficia! bacteria in the gut,” said Olivier Maigret, Research Engineer, Aveve Biochem.

While the product is good for supporting the animal during the weaning dip caused by a temporary drop in feed intake, it is also a not-to-be-missed product in the search for alternatives to antibiotic use on farm.

“AveMix balances¬† the intestinal microbial community and immune reactions, and enhances the proliferation of enterocytes.”

Currently the company is registering the product in China, among other countries. Mr Maigret said trials using the product have shown good growth rate, feed conversion rate, lower mortality rates and an overall positive effect on performance.

Maigret Olivier, 2017 June_Asian Pork Magazine (Plus)

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