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“Increasing the profitability of our farmers and growers — so that we can grow together — is the reason we come to work each day. It is our ambition to prepare them for the agriculture of the future through our extensive expertise and innovative smart farming solutions — all made in Belgium. We also want to continue to grow internationally and put our brands on the global map.”


Leuven, 21 September 2018 – With more than a century of history behind it, AVEVE Group has reached a new milestone today. Following Eric Lauwers’ appointment as CEO in 2016 and the start of a new growth journey, today’s the day for a new umbrella name: ‘Arvesta, experts in the field.’


Brand AVEVE continues to exist

“This change of name is a logical step in our evolution. With ‘Arvesta’, we have a new umbrella name for our 1,900 experts and 40 strong brands. AVEVE and our trusted AVEVE stores will remain part of our group and will retain their names,” guarantees Eric Lauwers, Arvesta CEO.


What’s in a name

Arvesta is a name that combines three concepts: ‘Arvus’, the Latin word for plough, ‘harvest’ because we continually reap the benefits of what we’ve sown, and ‘invest’ because we focus on investing in people, brands, and innovation. The new Arvesta umbrella name will be the quality label for over 40 brands and a strong employer with 1,900 experts.


We’re growing with our farmers

Arvesta is the biggest full-service partner for Belgian farmers and growers, with expertise in animal nutrition, agriculture and horticulture, machinery, flour, and the largest chain of stores for gardening, animal care, and baking fun. Providing a complete service to farmers and growers has always been Arvesta’s ambition, along with allowing consumers to benefit from this agrarian expertise. To get even better at fulfilling this aim in the future, Arvesta wants to bring together the knowledge of its 1,900 employees, 200 franchisees, and 40 strong local brands in a single centre of expertise, so that it can make the most of the unified group’s strength. This way, Arvesta can provide even better solutions to farmers and growers, maximising their profitability in the process. Because our aim is to grow together with our farmers.

We also want to continue to grow internationally and put Arvesta on the global map. “We’re already currently active world wide, thanks to our innovative solutions like the Hortiplan mobile gully system and the AVEVE Biochem feed additives, and we’re only going to continue this internationalisation.”


Ready for the agriculture of the future

We’re at a turning point right now. The agricultural and horticultural sectors are modernising and digitising, and farmers must, as the entrepreneurs that they are, prepare for the future in order to hold their ground on the global market. “And this is precisely where we at Arvesta can play an important role, supporting the farmer by providing the right innovative solutions. Thanks to our unified group, and a strong centralisation and simplification of our internal processes, we are achieving synergies that allow us to free up resources for innovation and digital farming. This means that we can then further increase the strength of our commercial brands locally.”


Innovations made in Belgium

Arvesta intends to invest more than 100 million euros between 2018 and 2020 in the development of agricultural innovations, an overarching IT infrastructure and the modernisation of its production sites. Drones, mobile applications, and satellite imagery are making inroads into the lives of both farmers and growers with increasing frequency, and Arvesta wants to stay ahead of the game. “Innovation is high on the agenda at Arvesta. We want to be a pioneer in smart farming, and our 200 engineers and other employees are already working on a diverse range of solutions to support our farmers and growers.”


  • With Taintstop, Dumoulin has developed an animal-friendly world first: a pig feed concept that prevents boar taint without any need for castration.
  • AVEVE Seeds is working with VITO to develop drone technology that facilitates easier and more objective screening of cereal seed varieties, enabling us to recommend only the strongest crops to our customers.
  • Hermoo’s Growing Coach app issues real-time plant disease warnings and keeps growers up to date with the latest news.
  • Hortiplan’s mobile gully systems, which provide environmentally friendly solutions for vertical and urban farming, are known around the globe.


Visit Arvesta’s new website: www.arvesta.eu