A low addition level of a specialty phytogenic in piglet feed improves weaned piglet performance. This is the result of the latest animal trial organised by Aveve Biochem. 336 weaned piglets were allocated in 24 pens each with 14 piglets. Half of them were fed a standard antibiotic free diet, the other 168 piglets were fed the same diet supplemented with only 100ppm AveMix Essence.

This light orange product com-prises a selected phytogenic mix, validated by Aveve Biochem. The aromatic oils are entrapped in a fat-matrix. This ensures stability of components in the feed production process as well as a ‘slow release’

effect in the digestive tract of the animal. The well-chosen phytogenic compounds have a broad spectrum antimicrobial effect and remain active at high intestinal pH (pKa=10.5). The compounds are known to provide extra balance of the microbiota, stimulation of nutri-ent digestion and absorption and inhibition of oxidative reactions. On day 14 post-weaning the per-formance parameters of the two groups were compared. The AveMix Essence-supplemented piglets con-sumed 2% more feed. 12% greater daily gain as well as a 7% better feed conversion ratio was registered compared to the non-supple-mented group – this with only the addition of 100g extra AveMix Essence product in 1 ton of feed.

Fig. 1. Effect of AveMix Essence addition to piglet feed.

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