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AveMix® Enzymes

AveMix® enzyme concepts are the results of many years of research in animal nutrition. These concepts have been designed to improve animal performance by enhancing the digestibility of the feeds for pigs, poultry and other monogastric species.

Formulated according to the “lock and key model” (the “lock” being the NSP fingerprint of the diet) AveMix® NSP enzyme concepts bring the right enzyme combination “the key” to guarantee a maximal action on the fibres “the lock” present in the diet and fully optimize the nutrients availability.

With their properties to hydrolyze non-starch polysaccharides AveMix® enzyme concepts allow the nutritionist to include higher level of raw materials in the feed and to rely on higher inclusion of by-products such as soybean meal, rapeseed meal, copra meal, rice bran, DDGS…

Beside AveMix® NSP enzymes concepts, AVEVE Biochem, with its AveMix® phytase concept, also offers solution targeting phytate, an important antinutritional factor in the feed reducing phosphorus, amino acids and other minerals digestibility.

Finally AveMix® protease improves animal performances by enhancing protein digestibility and amino acids availability.

Long story short AveMix®Enzymes are designed to your formulation need.

AveMix® Microbial Regulators

Phasing out the use of antibiotics as growth promoter from livestock production, is an upcoming and unavoidable trend in current worldwide livestock production.

In-feed antibiotics have been the golden tool for efficient animal production: supporting growth performances, assisting animals to avoid (or even overcome) microbial imbalances, to help animals to be less sensitive to potential pathogens, improving nutrient absorption,…

Reduction of and ultimately ban AGP’s from animal feed,  does not come without its challenges: an overall approach for supporting the animals is deemed to be necessary .

Since the late 90’s, AVEVE Biochem cooperated with Universities and research facilities to investigate and develop following AveMix® Microbial Regulators concepts, acknowledged in antibiotic free-feeds :

Our AveMix® Medium-Chain Glycerides: Slow release product of well elected medium-chain compounds, known to stimulate well-balanced microbiota.

AveMix® Essence:  well chosen formulation of active substances as present in aromatic plants and spices, standardized and brought in a micro-encapsulated form.

In AveMix® PLUS concepts both types and strengths of products are bundled to reinforce each other strengths.

Do contact AVEVE Biochem for advice on how to optimally implement these products and let AVEVE Biochem guide you towards antibiotic-free feed composition.

AveMix® Services

With the knowledge we gathered over the years, combining an enlarged experience in animal feed production with an internal developed know-how in additives, AVEVE Biochem NV also offers their customers tailor made advice and recommendations, known as AveMix® Services.

AVEVE Biochem is a specialist in microbial regulators and enzyme technology, which makes us therefore able to help our clients and be their partner for animal nutrition. Services are divided in three groups: Advice, In-house Lab Analyses and Trainings. Yet, it is together with the customer that we create a custom-made AveMix® service that meets his needs.

AveMix® Services – Advice

We give advice by evaluating feed formulations and providing tailor made recommendations for optimal enzyme composition and usage. Furthermore, we guide you in your search for an antibiotic free feed composition alongside giving recommendations for an optimal product application.

AveMix® Services – Trainings

Reformulating your feeds with AveMix® Enzymes can result in significant savings on your feed formulation costs. Of course, combination is key and that is why AVEVE Biochem offers its clients trainings to fully utilize the power of AveMix®.

As part of Belgians leading feed and agricultural business, we are able to host trainings covering a large range of agricultural topics. Or even invite you for a visit at our AVEVE Feed Mills, some of which produces more than 500.000 MT/year.

AveMix® Services – In-house Lab Analyses

Numbers speak louder than words. That is why, with our AVEVE in-house lab, we offer specialised analyses: analyses of feed raw materials, but also of feeds in combination with AveMix® products.

AveMix® Services are only available for clients